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Established on a foundation of integrity, Kerry Mohammed is a distinguished finance/accounting marketing and business professional renowned for driving new levels of pipeline efficiency, team unification, and overall organizational success. Specializing heavily across the auditing & advisory, management consulting, and marketing landscapes, Kerry possesses an extensive 15+ year background positioning businesses for sustainable growth through a blend of moral compass leadership to profit optimization. Even more, enjoys continuously leveraging that dynamicity to help organizations rectify weaknesses, capitalize on strengths, and ultimately exceed scaling initiatives that propel them forward.

Throughout his career, Kerry has built a large inventory of progressions that have led to his current endorsed standing.
To date, Kerry’s early educational history entails being educated in Trinidad and Tobago, where he attended primary and secondary level schools as a stepping stone to his future success.

From there, Kerry then escalated his course of study to the United Kingdom by enrolling at FTC Kaplan London (renowned as one of the best accountancy colleges in the world) a remarkable experience, that ultimately inspired the trajectory of Kerry’s professional future. During this time, Kerry concurrently networked with other colleges, proactively graduating with honors from Oxford Brookes University in the prestigious area of Oxford with a degree in finance and applied accounting.

Kerry simultaneously carried out BS studies while preparing for the final segment of the ACCA examination, proudly passing with remarkable grades on all final papers and graduating from the illustrious Royal Albert Hall, Kensington, London as a qualified chartered accountant at the tender age of 21.
These successes at this time have also not gone unnoticed, as Kerry was highlighted as the youngest qualified chartered accountant on his return to Trinidad and Tobago and was the youngest Chartered accountant to serve on the Institute Of Chartered Accountants of Trinidad & Tobago’s Council, Chairing several professional committees and working with several high-level government institutions on changes to the accountancy and audit legislation in Trinidad & Tobago.

Above all, he is widely admired and valued for his ongoing devotion towards using that knowledge to deliver grandeur services that present-day society and future generations can benefit from.

Fueled by mission excellence, Kerry has a genuine ardency for translating business objectives into tangible realities and doing so while ensuring everyone involved attains cordial yet constructive experiences along the way. From fraud investigation, strategic planning at a top tier level to licensed audit & advisory services, Kerry demonstrates his efforts by delivering actionable, unbiased insights that unlock bottom-up potential and solidifies scaling futures. This, in conjunction with his confident energy and reputation for harvesting viable solutions amid barriered challenges, is what shaped Kerry into a highly respected dual-professional whose efforts rest on one cornerstone notion – his passion for helping businesses achieve their own version of success.